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Woodward is the world’s oldest and largest independent designer and manufacturer of control systems and components for mobile industrial equipment. Carrying both aerospace and industrial technology, Woodward produces power converters, actuators, valves, pumps, and more to satisfy their customers’ every need. They constantly strive to improve their solutions to match the problems their customers face, moving and changing with the world around them.

Woodward Direct Drive Servovalves

Innovative and Efficient Products

Woodward carries thousands of products, from simple single valves to admission steam turbine applications. Used throughout the aerospace and industrial markets, Woodward products are globally renowned for their reliability.

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Dependable Direct Drive Servovalves

Woodward Direct Drive Servovalves are used throughout the Industrial Controls industry for precision motion and position control. Their innovative Servovalve design and technology simplifies hydraulic and pneumatic systems and enables highly precise position, velocity, acceleration and force control. Flotronics is proud to supply Woodward Direct Drive Servovalve solutions for a broad range of industrial equipment and process applications, including:

  • Automotive assembly and painting
  • Machining and metal processing
  • Plastics injection molding
  • Forest processing
  • Robotics
  • Material testing
  • Industrial process control
  • Motion simulation
  • Animation
  • Medical equipment

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