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VMECA is an ISO certified and a Flotronics-trusted manufacturer of air-driven vacuum pumps, suction cups, v-grips, pneumatic vacuum conveyor systems, and other accessories. VMECA's large air-driven products provide excellent grip on products of various sizes, shapes, and materials.

VMECA Air-Driven Vacuums

High-Quality Suction Solutions

VMECA is a brand associated with high-quality vacuum technology, improving productivity, safety and speed of evacuation, and energy saving. VMECA globally distributes their products, which are used for reliable suction in packaging, manufacturing, and other industrial settings.

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VMECA Products for Industrial Air-Driven Vacuum Needs

Flotronics supplies quality VMECA products to our customers to ensure improved productivity and efficiency with their industrial air-driven vacuums, including the following:

  • Vacuum Cups
  • Vacuum Pumps
  • Vacuum Ejectors

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