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Shimpo, a subsidiary of Nidec, is the leading supplier of gearbox solutions to the industrial automation marketplace. They have been in business for over 65 years, providing the industrial world with state-of-the-art innovation to assist their customers’ desires to expand their business. Shimpo’s dedication to precision and efficiency allow them to ship their products within one week of their order being placed, with next-day delivery available for a variety of their common models.

Shimpo Gearboxes

Segmented Technology

In order better serve the evolving needs of machine builders in various industries, Shimpo manufactures three separate categories of gearboxes including High Precision gearboxes, Heavy Industrial power transmission products, and custom OEM solutions. Their products are 100% exit-tested to ensure that all requirements are met to maximize safety and productivity.

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Multifaceted Gearboxes

Shimpo carries an expansive selection of gearbox technology to suit their customers’ needs. They’re also able to customize products to create innovative solutions for any of their customers’ requirements. Flotronics is proud to carry the following Shimpo products:

  • High Precision:
    • Inline Planetary Gearboxes
    • Right-angle Planetary Gearboxes
    • Strain Wave Gearboxes
    • Right-angle Worn Gearboxes
    • Rotary and Indexing
    • Traction Dives
    • Cyclodial Gearboxes
  • Heavy Industrial:
    • Inline Cyclodial Gearboxes
    • Mechanical Adjustable Drives

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