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Recora is an Illinois-based company that manufactures pressure sensitive mats, ribbon switches, treadle pads, and more to provide outstanding quality to their consumers. Recora’s main goal is to make the workplace a much safer environment with their top-notch safety technology. Their electronic safety mats have become ideal solutions for machine guarding, while their pressure sensitive mats are quite versatile and can be used in a variety of industries.

Recora Electronic Safety Mats

Electronic Safety Mats

Recora’s safety mats are renowned for their quick response to pressure and can be used with assembly machines, production, and industry with ease. They’re resistant to outer materials, including dirt, oil, weld splatter, and most industrial liquids. Additionally, Recora safety mats provide fail-safe operations to remain functioning through severed leads, power outages, and transformer failure.

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Expansive Array of Products

Recora carries a vast selection of products, from ribbon switches to treadle pads, satisfying any customer’s needs. They supply custom designed applications as well and are able to diversify their products to fit the needs of their customers. Recora's consultants are more than willing to help customers during each step of the customization process. Flotronics is proud to carry a wide variety of Recora products, including:

  • Safety and Presence Detection Mats
  • Car Wash Treadles and Sensors
  • Sensi-Switches and Edgeguards
  • Bed/Chair Occupancy Sensors
  • Relays and Controllers
  • Custom Solutions

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