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Pizzato Elettrica

Pizzato Elettrica, an Italian manufacturing company founded in 1984, is a leading European manufacturer of position switches, microswitches, safety devices, safety modules, foot switched, and signaling devices. Based in Italy, their relentless passion for quality, orientation towards excellence, and continuous development offers customers reliable, market safe, and innovative solutions.

Pizzato Elettrica Safety Switches

Quality Italian Safety Products

Pizzato Elettrica offers an extensive range of products including 7,000 standard products, about 1,500 special codes, and versatile customization capabilities. All of their quality products, from safety devices to position switches, are 100% Italian made and built to improve safety in any facility or application.

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Reliable and Efficient Safety Switches

Pizzato Elettrica's expansive selection of safety switches is available for normal or heavy-duty applications. Flotronics is proud to offer the following types of Pizzato Elettrica products:

  • Safety Switches with Separate Actuator
  • Safety Switches for Hinged Doors
  • Safety Switches with Separate Actuator and Lock
  • Rope Safety Switches

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