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Panasonic is a globally renowned company, known for their consumer electronics they also produce innovative relays, couplers, connectors, sensors, switches, and custom products for any industrial need. Panasonic is dedicated to providing their customers with reliable, high-quality technology to assist automation engineers. Their products are effective, compatible, and are designed to be long lasting and therefor cost efficient to consumers.

panasonic Modular Aluminum Profiles

Versatile Industrial Technology

Panasonic’s vast range of industrial technology is on the forefront of innovation. With over 100 years of history and an industry leading dedication towards efficiency, Panasonic products are renowned for their versatility and reliability and have a wide range of applications, including consumer electronics, automotive, aviation, and more. Their product line is trusted and used the world over providing ideal solutions for industrial automation as well.

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Industry Leading Digital Fiber Sensors

Panasonic’s diverse catalog of technologically advanced products offers flexible and stable solutions for any industry. Panasonic’s timely service allows them to directly meet their customer’s needs to help them achieve their goals. Flotronics is proud to carry the following Panasonic products:

    • PhotoMOS
    • Solid State Relays
    • PhotoIC Coupler
    • Power Relays
    • Signal Relays
    • Narrow Pitch Connectors
    • High Current Connectors
    • FPC/FFC Connectors
    • Board-to-Board Narrow Pitch Connectors
    • Active Optical Connector
    • MID Solutions (MIPTEC)
    • Light Touch Switches
    • Detector Switches
    • Seal Type Switches
    • Snap Switches
    • Non Seal Type Switches
    • Limit Switches
    • Push Switches
    • Power Rocker Switches
    • Fall Detection Switches
    • Interlock Switches
    • PS-A Pressure Sensors
    • 1-Axis Accelerometer GF1
    • PIR Motion Sensor PaPIRs
    • MA Motion Sensor
    • PS Pressure Sensors
    • PF Pressure Sensors
    • Infared Array Sensor Grid-EYE
    • MID Technology provides users with the creation of custom mechanisms and designs to fit their exact industrial need.
    • Fiber Sensors
    • Photoelectric Sensors/Laser Sensors
    • Micro Photoelectric Sensors
    • Light Curtains/Safety Components
    • Area Sensors
    • Inductive Proximity Sensors
    • Particular Use Sensors
    • Pressure Sensors/Flow Sensors
    • Measurement Sensors
    • Static Control Devices
    • Sensor Options
    • Wire-Saving Systems
    • Programmable
    • Controllers/Interface Terminal
    • Human Machine
    • Interface
    • Laser Markers/2D Code Readers
    • Machine Vision
    • System
    • UV-Curing System
    • AC Servo Motors
    • Brushless Motors
    • Compact AC
    • Geared Motors
    • Energy Management
    • Solutions
    • Timers
    • Time Switches
    • Counters
    • Hour Meters
    • Solenoids
    • Fan Motors
    • Temperature
    • Controllers
    • Limit Switches

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