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Modular Solutions Automation

The Modular Solutions Automation modular aluminum profile systems have proven their worth throughout a number of industries with their reliability and flexibility. The application options of their profile systems are virtually unlimited, and Modular Solutions Automation proudly serves a wide variety of needs, industries, and applications with modular aluminum technology. Modular Solutions Automation is a separate operating division of Flotronics Automation. We utilize Modular Solutions Automation products and integrate them with components from our other trusted motion control and pneumatics manufacturers to assemble custom, reliable, and strong solutions built to last!

Modular Solutions Modular Aluminum Profiles

Modular Aluminum Profiles

Modular Solutions' modular aluminum profiles are able to construct a variety of installations including conveyors, enclosures, workstations, and more. Their durable extrusions can stand up to any task and are highly customizable due to Modular Solutions’ T-Slot technology. Modular Solutions Automation aluminum profiles can integrate with all Flotronics products and components to create the perfect solution to meet your process needs.

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Custom & Standard Solutions

Flotronics Automation offers the full line of Modular Solutions Automation products and components to create ergonomic applications and installations to meet any industrial workplace needs.

    • Fastening Elements
    • Links & Hinges
    • Handles, Locks, Stops
    • Panel Elements
    • Edge, Cover, Slide
    • Electrical Installation Elements
    • Drive Units & Control Systems
    • Modular Solutions Profile System - Workstation and Assembly Line Design
    • Modular Solutions Linear System - Workstation and Assembly Line Design
    • Workspace Systems
    • Conveyors
    • SaveGuard Safety System
    • Vehicle Fitout
    • Turn-Key Solutions
    • Solarthemie
    • Photovoltaic
    • Consulting
    • Software
    • Quality and Delivery Time
    • Training

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