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Fargo Controls, Inc.

Since 1983, Fargo Controls, Inc. has provided effective and reliable industrial control solutions including proximity sensors, counters, timers, and ratemeters. Their high-quality sensor products are used across multiple industries for control processes, which require precise and accurate execution. Flotronics is proud to carry Fargo Controls products to meet all of your sensory and control needs.

Fargo Controls Proximity Sensors

Fargo Controls Proximity Sensors

Fargo Controls’ proximity sensors are high quality, durable, and have high repeatability to meet rigorous industrial requirements in various applications. Such applications include the detection, position, inspection and counting on automated machines and manufacturing systems. They are also used in machinery used for packaging, production, printing, plastic molding, metal working, food processing, and more.

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Providing Industrial Control Solutions for 30 years

For all of your industrial controls needs, Flotronics can provide the most effective and reliable solutions from Fargo Controls, Inc. The precision of these dependable products will help increase your productivity and improve your process output.


  • Inductive
  • Capacitive
  • Magnetic
  • Photoelectric
  • Connector Cord Sets
  • New Valve Line Proximity

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