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Enfield Technologies

Enfield Technologies produces and provides Flotronics with high-performance components, including position controls, electric pressure regulators, and proportional valves for a wide range of pneumatic applications. Their innovative and industry leading products are backed by years of expertise in fluid power, electromechanical systems, and control electronics.

Enfield Technologies Pneumatic Components

High Performance Pneumatic Components

Enfield Technologies® is renowned for their innovation in products that help solve problems within an application or facility. Their pneumatic components provide high performance, accurate, and efficient solutions for various position, pressure, and flow control applications.

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Position, Pressure, and Flow Control Applications

Enfield Technologies products are a great solution for many existing and new applications. The Electronic Pressure Regulators deliver high bandwidth, fast response time, and accurate pressure control. The Cylinder Positioning Systems can tackle applications needing fast speeds, high forces, and accurate positioning. The Proportional Valves provide highly linear and repeatable flow output where seed and accuracy are needed. 

  • Position Control Systems
  • Electronic Pressure Regulators
  • Proportional Pneumatic Valves

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