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Cone Drive

Cone Drive is a globally recognized precision motion control technology manufacturer serving a wide variety of the world's most high-tech industries with a leading product line and a reputation for unique custom solutions. Cone Drive’s innovative gearheads and components are effective across a range of industries and applications. They are made for industries such as solar, robotics, satellite communication, oil & gas, packaging & food processing, medical, aerospace & defense, and many more, with the highest level of detailed engineering, lean manufacturing, and quality assurance. 

Cone Drive

World-Leading Custom Precision Motion Control Solutions

Cone Drive provides innovative and cutting-edge solutions tailored for easy integration into any system or application. Whether you need simple product modifications or fully customized solutions to your specifications, Cone Drive’s elite, expert engineering team can create the exact components you need. Cone Drive proudly serves the solar, satcom, oil & gas, slewing, medical, and defense industries with highly effective custom solutions and world-leading precision motion control technology.

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Innovative Gearhead & Gearset Components

Cone Drive’s innovative product line is available in both right angle and inline configurations, as well as multiple precision levels. Their vast product offering is capable of meeting the most demanding needs of your motion control and power transmission applications. Flotronics is proud to carry the following gearhead and gearset products from Cone Drive:

  • Precision Motion Control 
    • Accudrive Series W
    • Accudrive Series RG
    • Accudrive Series S
    • Accudrive Series HP Servo
    • Accudrive Stainless Servo
    • Accudrive Series P Type N
    • Accudrive Series P Type S
    • Accudrive Series LE
    • Accudrive Zero Backlash Gearset
  • Harmonic
    • Ring Style
    • Cup Style
    • Hat Style
    • Double-Enveloping Worm Gear Sets
  • H-Fang Brand Slewing
    • Slew Bearings
    • Series S Slew Drive
    • Series W Slew Drive
    • Series WG Slew Drive
    • Series HSE Slew Drive

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