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Flotronics Automation Workstations & Fixtures

Flotronics Automation offers tailor-made workstations and fixtures to meet your exact specifications and processes. These applications can be installed economically and quickly, increasing your employee productivity right away. The ergonomic applications we can design and engineer for your business are durable, reliable, and highly compatible with Flotronics Automation’s entire line of pneumatic and electric automation products and components. The configuration possibilities are truly limitless.



Using MiniTec Automation's vast array of durable, modular aluminum profiles and components and accessories, Flotronics Automation can design you the perfect workstation to accommodate the exact needs of a particular process, stage of production, or employee. Whether you need a specific type of compartment for storage, an adjustable desktop, shelving, kanban management, pick to light assembly, or a lift for parts presentation, we can build you a highly efficient and ergonomic solution. We can also add accessories such as light bars, tool balancing, and cup or tool holders to make the workstation more personalized. The flexible nature of MiniTec Automation's cost-effective products allows for easy reconfiguration if a new layout is required in the future, helping you save money.

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Display Tables

Display Tables

Utilizing MiniTec Automation as a partner in providing custom solutions, Flotronics Automation can create impressive and easy to set up display table solutions for tradeshows and events. MiniTec's modular aluminum profiles are not only durable and lightweight, but their sleek design will give your display tables an added look of professionalism. The customizable nature of MiniTec products allows us to create applications with any dimension or layout you require. We're proud to offer easy to adjust, and cost-effective display tables for your needs.

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Adjustable Stands

Adjustable Stands

The height-adjustable stands Flotronics Automation can supply allow fast and simple adaptation to the individual height of any employee for an immediate ergonomic benefit. To customize your stand, Flotronics Automation offers hands-free vacuum work stands to increase productivity. Our stands are easy to adjust and can allow the employee's working position to be varied between standing and seating during the course of the workday. This can offer long-term positive postural benefit and overall comfort for the employee, which we believe is a major key to efficiency! These stands can be designed to adjust by hydraulic, electric, or telescopic means to any height limit you desire.

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Explore Flotronics Automation Products & Components

Browse our inventory of products and components to find the best solution for your fluid power, pneumatic, and automation needs! Our products are reliable, cost-effective, and backed by Flotronics' comprehensive support. We can work with you to help you find exactly what you’re looking for!

  • Motors drives gearboxes

    Motors, Drives, & Gearboxes

    Our impressive motors, drives, and gearboxes ensure reliable and precise performance in your power transmission and tension control systems.

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  • Pneumatic valves fieldbus

    Pneumatic Valves & Fieldbus

    Flotronics carries a wide selection of directional control valves and Fieldbus communication capabilities to improve your industrial application.

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  • Vacuum end of arm tooling

    Vacuum & End of Arm Tooling

    Highly versatile vacuum and end of arm tooling solutions can be customized for pick and place, assembly, handling of objects, and more.

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  • Connectivity


    Ensure solid performance and connection in your industrial application with a variety of durable connector, cable, cordset, distribution box, and junction block solutions.

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  • Sensors


    Our quality and versatile sensor products and detection systems offer flexibility in size, operating range, and switching version to accommodate any application.

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  • Fittings tubing

    Fittings & Tubing

    Flotronics' fittings and tubing products are available in a variety of durable materials to maintain reliability, provide flow control, and reduce noise levels.

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  • Pneumatic frl accessories

    Pneumatic FRL & Accessories

    Our quality pneumatic air preparation components include regulators, lubricators, lockout valves, reclassifiers, pressure regulators, and more.

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  • Safety guarding

    Safety Components

    Improve workplace safety and prevent unsafe machinery operation with light curtains, safety mats, machine guarding, and more.

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  • Pneumatic electric actuators

    Pneumatic & Electric Actuators

    Our wide array of pneumatic and electric actuator products, provide flexibility and control over position, speed, torque, acceleration, and deceleration.

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  • Conveyors


    Improve the efficiency, flexibility, and throughput of your manufacturing, packaging, or assembly systems with our wide selection of conveyor products.

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  • Enclosures


    Achieve employee safety and machinery protection with light-tight, sound attenuating, particle control, and temperature control enclosures.

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  • Aluminum profile guarding

    Aluminum Profile & Guarding

    Save time and money with our flexible, cost-effective modular aluminum solutions fit for a variety of industrial and manufacturing applications.

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  • Tables workbenches

    Tables & Workbenches

    Get an ergonomic workstation designed to your specifications, system processes, and needs to optimize employee productivity

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