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Flotronics Automation Applications & Solutions

Flotronics Automation provides a wide array of solutions for a range of applications. Our inventory of reliable sensors, pneumatic components, controls, electrical motion, and modular aluminum installations can be integrated with ease into your existing applications or systems. Applications such as automation, conveyors, enclosures, workstations, and more are dedicated to increasing the efficiency of your industrial needs. Our long-lasting and high-performance products and extensive engineering support will improve your system processes top to bottom.

Conveying Applications


Flotronics Automation has all the necessary components to make conveying systems work at peak efficiency. From pneumatic valves to sensors, cables,  and cylinders, the sky is the limit. We also carry Modular Solutions components which provide an array of flexible standard and custom conveyor assemblies.  We offer a variety of conveying solutions including fully-automated systems and standard or custom kits for all your unique needs. The modular nature of Modular Solutions’ conveyors also allows full customization and easy reconfiguration to meet your initial layout requirements and any future changes.

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Automation Applications


We provide only the highest quality, yet cost-effective, automation products and solutions to our clients to improve system productivity and cycle times. Our inventory includes products for motion controls, linear and rotary actuation, complex Fieldbus communications, proportional technology, and more used in a variety of applications. These turnkey solutions will measurably increase your efficiency as soon as they are installed!

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Safety Applications


Safety is a paramount concern of any business owner. Flotronics Automation carries top-of-the-line products that will help improve the reliability and safety of your industrial machinery and processes. We offer proven safety products such as light curtains, safety control valves, perimeter guard systems, laser booths, safety mats, enclosures, machine guarding, and more to ensure your work environment is safe. Our cost-effective solutions will reduce risk and help keep your employees out of harm’s way.

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Enclosure Applications


Standard enclosures from Modular Solutions are the ideal solution for containing hazardous debris as well as creating controlled environments for testing and storage. We also offer light-tight, temperature, sound attenuating, and environmental solutions for all your enclosure needs. These durable and resilient enclosures will stand up to harsh and demanding environments and materials to keep your workplace and equipment safe and protected.

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Workstation and Fixture Applications

Workstations & Fixtures

Workstations, fixtures, and ergonomic applications can be completely customized to fit any layout and process requirement you may have. Additional components and features can be installed in our modular workstation applications to better serve your employees and improve productivity. There is no sacrifice to durability with our ergonomic applications, ensuring a long lasting solution that will suit any budget.

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Flotronics Supplier & Manufacturing Partners

Explore the supplier and manufacturing partners Flotronics Automation relies on to provide you with the best solution for your industrial automation needs.

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Assured Automation
BTM Company
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Enfield Technologies
Fargo Controls
Freelin Wade
Htm Sensors
Mencom Corporation
Modular Solutions
Asco Numatics
Oriental Motor
Pisco Pneumatic Equipment
Pizzato Elettrica

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