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Serving the Automation Industry Since 1986

Flotronics, Inc. was founded in 1986 by Lloyd Schmaltz to better serve the automation industry with top-of-the-line in-class service and high-quality automation equipment. After serving three years in the U.S. Navy, Lloyd began his career at ROSS Valve. He traveled to the many distributors in the U.S. to train their employees and find new and innovative applications. Interested in establishing a distributorship in the Detroit area, Lloyd began his search for lines to represent. Flotronics Automation continues to be a family company with Stephen Schmaltz & Mike Schmaltz carrying the torch.

Flotronics Automation – Our History in the Automation Industry

Expanding to 25+ Manufacturers & Thousands of Customers 

After establishing a name for Flotronics, Inc. in the Detroit market, the premier U.S. valve manufacturer, NUMATICS, signed an agreement with Flotronics, Inc. to assume the marketing of these valves in the Southeast Michigan market. German and Japanese companies anxious to get into the U.S. market, like Herion and SMC, were initially represented along with several other U.S. device manufacturers. From humble beginnings, Lloyd has grown Flotronics, Inc. from a few major lines to 25+ manufacturers and thousands of loyal customers, servicing all of Michigan and its surrounding areas.

Making a Move into Automation

Making a Move into Automation

Intrigued by pre-engineered aluminum profiles, Flotronics, Inc. researched the latest and greatest and brought Modular Solutions technology to the Midwest market. Modular Solutions is located in Auburn Hills, Michigan with plenty of room to stock and manufacture small to large automated aluminum systems.

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Flotronics Automation – Proudly Serving Michigan

Flotronics Automation Proudly Serves All of Michigan

Flotronics Automation is headquartered in Auburn Hills, Michigan. It has since expanded its territory coverage to all of Michigan in 2017 with a branch office and manufacturing location in Wyoming, MI, a suburb of Grand Rapids, MI.

Explore Applications & Solutions

Our products and components can be used in a variety of unique ways but they primarily are the ideal solution for a handful of standard applications. Explore our applications and solutions below to learn more.

  • Motors, Drives, & Gearboxes

    Our impressive motors, drives, and gearboxes ensure reliable and precise performance in your power transmission and tension control systems.

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  • Pneumatic Valves & Fieldbus

    Flotronics carries a wide selection of directional control valves and Fieldbus communication capabilities to improve your industrial application.

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  • Vacuum & End of Arm Tooling

    Highly versatile vacuum and end of arm tooling solutions can be customized for pick and place, assembly, handling of objects, and more.

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  • Connectivity

    Ensure solid performance and connection in your industrial application with a variety of durable connector, cable, cordset, distribution box, and junction block solutions.

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  • Sensors

    Our quality and versatile sensor products and detection systems offer flexibility in size, operating range, and switching version to accommodate any application.

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  • Fittings & Tubing

    Flotronics' fittings and tubing products are available in a variety of durable materials to maintain reliability, provide flow control, and reduce noise levels.

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  • Pneumatic FRL & Accessories

    Our quality pneumatic air preparation components include regulators, lubricators, lockout valves, reclassifiers, pressure regulators, and more.

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  • Safety Components

    Improve workplace safety and prevent unsafe machinery operation with light curtains, safety mats, machine guarding, and more.

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  • Pneumatic & Electric Actuators

    Our wide array of pneumatic and electric actuator products, provide flexibility and control over position, speed, torque, acceleration, and deceleration.

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  • Conveyors

    Improve the efficiency, flexibility, and throughput of your manufacturing, packaging, or assembly systems with our wide selection of conveyor products.

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  • Enclosures

    Achieve employee safety and machinery protection with light-tight, sound attenuating, particle control, and temperature control enclosures.

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  • Aluminum Profile & Guarding

    Save time and money with our flexible, cost-effective modular aluminum solutions fit for a variety of industrial and manufacturing applications.

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  • Tables & Workbenches

    Get an ergonomic workstation designed to your specifications, system processes, and needs to optimize employee productivity

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