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Workstations & Fixtures

Conveyor Solutions

Flotronics works with trusted manufacturers to provide customers turnkey systems and custom conveyor solutions. We understand each business has different needs and processes and can provide kits, components, and full systems based on variables like shape, weight, speed, and staging needs. Some of the products and solutions we provide include:

  • Fully Automated Systems
  • Conveying Kits
  • Motorized Modules
  • Sensing and Detection
  • Pneumatic Stops
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Automation Solutions

Improving your system productivity and cycle times is our goal at Flotronics Automation! We offer automation equipment for motion controls, linear and rotary actuation, Fieldbus communications, and more. All products and components come from carefully selected, industry-leading manufacturers to provide our customers with a high-quality solution.

  • Motion Controls
  • Pneumatic Brakes
  • Pick & Place Applications
  • Gantry Systems
  • Control Panels
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Safety Solutions

Keep your personnel and equipment out of harm’s way with custom safety solutions from Flotronics Automation. Our team will work with you to determine the best and most cost-effective solution based on your unique work process, environment, and specifications. We provide products and applications such as:

  • Machine Guarding
  • Light Curtains
  • Safety Mats
  • Two-Hand Controls
  • Safety Shut Offs & Lockout
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Enclosure Solutions

Taking control of the hazards in your environment is necessary for the safety of your employees and the well-being of your equipment. We can help provide you with a variety of enclosure solutions for your testing and manufacturing needs. Regulating airflow, temperature, and humidity is easy with high-quality solutions from Flotronics Automation!

  • Particle Control
  • Light-Tight Optical Enclosures
  • Automated Doors
  • Temperature Control
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Workstation & Fixture Solutions

Meeting your exact specifications and processes is easy with workstations and fixture solutions from Flotronics and MiniTec Automation. We can help improve ergonomics and productivity in the workplace with a variety of custom solutions and products such as:

  • Workstations
  • Display Tables
  • Adjustable Stands
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From Great Products To Custom Solutions, we have what you need.

Customized Solutions

Flotronics is happy to provide our customers with customized solutions for their specific needs.

The ever-changing nature of industrial automation systems means that standard products may not align with your specification needs. If you need a personalized and innovative solution for your unique application, the talented technicians at Flotronics Automation can help. Provide us with your specification information and we'll create an option that will fit your needs along with a quote!

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Flotronics Automation is the combined sales and marketing branch for all of Flotronics’ divisions. We focus on controls and distribution for the industrial automation industry in Michigan. Our innovative pneumatics systems and outstanding customer service are backed by almost 30 years of experience in automation and motion control.

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