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Control Solutions

Control is integral to your success in industrial automation. At Flotronics Automation, the components we carry will give you the ability to regulate machine operations, maximize system efficiency, and enable better integration amongst your machinery and equipment. Our products have proven precision and performance, and are engineered with materials produced by established manufacturers known for high-end functionality.

Safety Solutions

Keep your personnel and equipment protected with safety solutions from Flotronics Automation. Our team will work with you to determine the best and most cost-effective safety solution based on your unique work process, environment, and specifications. We provide safety products and applications such as:

Sensing Solutions

Our monitoring and sensor solutions introduce transparency and assurance into your automation or manufacturing process. These products communicate equipment condition by allowing you to oversee key indicators such as system pressure and flow rate. The monitoring solutions we carry from our industry-leading suppliers report accurate results, can help predict machine issues, and therefore reduce any potential downtime due to equipment shutdown.

Motion Solutions

Improving manufacturing and system productivity and cycle times is our goal at Flotronics Automation! We engineer motion solutions to increase your throughput with reliable fluid power automation. All of our products are designed and produced with components from carefully selected, industry-leading manufacturers to deliver confidence in a high-quality, steadfast solution that will work for you.

From Great Products To Custom Solutions, we have what you need.

Customized Solutions

Flotronics is happy to provide our customers with customized solutions for their specific needs.

The ever-changing nature of industrial automation systems means that standard products may not align with your specification needs. If you need a personalized and innovative solution for your unique application, the talented technicians at Flotronics Automation can help. Provide us with your specification information and we'll create an option that will fit your needs along with a quote!

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Flotronics Automation is the combined sales and marketing branch for all of Flotronics’ divisions. We focus on controls and distribution for the industrial automation industry in Michigan. Our innovative pneumatics systems and outstanding customer service are backed by almost 30 years of experience in automation and motion control.

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